Crisp Champagne: Notes Of Sparkling Brut Champagne, Vanilla

Crisp champagne: notes of sparkling brut champagne, vanilla, barrel oak.  with 18

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Copenhagen Company - Sparkling Tea - Rød
‘crisp notes of hibiscus and red berries’ is our interpretation of an organic sparkling rosé. it has a delightful bitterness which balances its crisp tones of red berries. the red label is the perfect choice for light servings such as appetizers, seafood, fish and white/light meat dishes. the main i

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Prosecco Bellini: Notes Of Ripe Peaches, Sweet Pitted
Prosecco bellini: notes of ripe peaches, sweet pitted apricots, muddled with sugar, crisp prosecc

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Bacardi - Superior, 70 Cl.
Has characteristic notes of vanilla and almond.

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Mandarino Cannela: Notes Of Italian Mandarin Orange, Cream
Mandarino cannela: notes of italian mandarin orange, cream heart of vanilla cinnamon, nutmeg, ste

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Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore Brut Valdobbiadene D.o.c.g.
This sparkling wine displays a fine, persistent perlage, while on the nose it offers attractive floral notes of peach and acacia blossom alongside ...

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Prosecco Rose: Notes Of Sparkling Pink Prosecco, Rose
Prosecco rose: notes of sparkling pink prosecco, rose petals.  the perfect size to pepper

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Mango Guava - Soywax Candle
Mango guava: notes of mango, vanilla, lily of the valley, guava.

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Sparkling Tea
The teas from sparkling tea are all made from a cuvee of teas which is made exactly the same way you make a cuvee of grapes when producing sparkling wine. they only use high quality organic teas, from the delicate white teas to the more intense and full-bodied black teas. blå crisp notes o

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Prosecco Rose: Notes Of Sparkling Pink Prosecco, Rose Petals
Prosecco rose: notes of sparkling pink prosecco, rose petals. from the finely fragrant coconut wa

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Copenhagen Company - Sparkling Tea - Grøn
‘crisp notes of citrus and green tea’ has a strong green tea persona whilst bearing significant notes of citrus fruits which gives it its fresh and crisp impressions. it is a perfect companion for sushi and the asian kitchen. the main ingredients are green, white, ginger and citrus teas, blended wit

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Carrot Muffin - Soywax Candle
Carrot muffin: notes of creamy frosting, carrots, cinnamon, butter, vanilla.

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Queen Of Kings Blanc De Noir Monastrell Brut
Spansk “champagne”, fremstillet efter champagne-metoden. almost colourless, showing a slight gold-coloured, in which, a fine and constant bubble flows. on nose, it reveals deep fruit aromas with citrus notes that remind of lemons and oranges. its strong bubble and the fresh fruit flavour add fresh

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Consulat Palace Brut
Brut reserve champagne

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Sweet Peppermint - Soywax Candle
Sweet peppermint: notes of peppermint, vanilla and sugar. the fresh scent of candy canes.

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El Gaitero - Pomarina Brut
Medium dry: tasting notes: this french style sparkling cider is medium dry, exhibiting fresh apple aromas with a hint of citrus and yeasty notes. straw/golden in color, showcasing small precise bublles. on the palate sourness up front, sweetness and then a lingering drier finish as the taste goes on

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Botega Gold Sparkling Vine, 20cl 8005829232337fa396
Bottega gold + bottega rosé gold vino spurmante brut. ej produceret i champagne området og må derfor ikke kaldes champagne, men det gør dem ikke ringere

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Barth Riesling Sekt Extra Brut Bio
This sparkling is a treat for all champagne lovers. produced after the classic champagne method. after a long yeast storage, the wine mature and re...

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Bourbon Vanille: Notes Of French Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Bourbon vanille: notes of french bourbon vanilla beans, ground and distilled for extract.

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The Hive Custard 40ml - Crafted Liquid
Not your normal custard because here you get the most delicious vanilla cream with sweet notes of honey, rounded off by small notes of citrus.

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Henriot Brut Souverain Nv 150cl
Henriot brut souverain nv 150cl, champagne

725.00 DKK

Champagne Collet Brut Nv 75cl
Champagne collet brut, hvid, non-vintage

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Guerrilla Flavors Ak-47 Aroma
Ak-47 aroma from guerrilla flavors tastes of tobacco combined with hazelnut cream and discrete notes of vanilla.

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The Lost Abbey - Gnoel De Abbey
Gnoel de abbey is a winter warmer brewed to be lighter in body while maintaining nuanced notes of oak. beginning with aromas of freshly brewed espresso, gnoel has hints of cocoa, vanilla and holiday spice, finishing with a crisp coffee bitterness. holiday brown ale

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